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Now more then ever police officers need relevant, practical hands on training. We at Peak Performance Police Training strive to put out high quality courses that your officers find engaging. 

Training is either scheduled at your department or regional


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Verbal domestic training video
OVI trainer video
Lakeland Graduation 2022
Peak welcome/hype video
Trauma Injury First Aid
Police leadership basics
Cultural Diversity Teaser
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Meet The Team


Doug Miller Deputy Chief (Ret.)

Is a semi-retired 30 year Law Enforcement and military first responder who most recently served as a Detective and training officer with the East Cleveland Ohio Police Department. He is also a former member of their SWAT Team. Before joining the East Cleveland Police Department, Miller was the Deputy Chief of the Put in Bay Police Department as well as a Special Investigator for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office in their Cold Case Unit. In 2016, Miller obtained his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration from Tiffin (Ohio) University. He holds an Instructor Certification from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, which has not only allowed him to teach several basic and advanced courses in law enforcement and private security, but led to him serving as a Police Academy Commander. He also teaches as an Adjunct Criminal Justice Instructor at the university level. Miller is an 11 year active duty Army Veteran serving as a Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic), Licensed Practical Nurse and a Combat Life Saver (CLS) Instructor. His classes are relevant, full of knowledge and a fun experience for all involved.

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